The Personal Climate Agreement is the translation of the Paris Climate Agreement to individual level. Ilse van den Dungen, social designer & advertiser, graduated in 2019 with this project. She wanted to bring Climate change as a broad and big subject closer to people. In a playful and tangible way the Personal Climate Agreement gives you insight in the emission accompanying (life)choices. 
Young, old, rich, poor; the concept applies to everyone! This makes the location where the installation is placed very divergent: schools, companies, fairs, festivals, in the Netherlands, in the U.K. The main goal is to make people aware of their actions, of their life-decisions. 
Ilse is always happy to give presentations or workshops! Please fill in the contact form or call +31644488101 and she will get back to you a.s.a.p. 

How does it work?                                                                                               The grey block on the right side of the scale symbolises the maximum CO2 emission every person can emit till the end of 2030. On the left side of the scale you can put the blocks which represent your future choices. These choices are determined within these five categories: food (meat, flexitarian, vegatarian, vegan), home (grey or green energy and the m2 of your house), things (clothes and electronic divices), transport (car and flights) and child(ren). 

Ilse van den Dungen - social designer & advertiser
graduated Advertising @ Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
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